iPhone Analysis: Day 2

After yesterday’s euphoria (and it wasn’t just you, Rod), everyone’s had time to think about the iPhone and its Achilles heels. Like most people, my initial reaction was “I want one,” but now I’m having to think twice – lucky I’ve got 12+ months to think about it before it arrives here in New Zealand.

Key weaknesses or unknowns for me are:

  • Limited battery life (up to 5 hours) which is not great for serious usage or for when you want to watch video on a long plane ride and then use the phone. Why isn’t there a way to replace the battery?
  • The robustness of the touchscreen is unknown. If the phone is used as an everyday device, how beat up with the screen get? I carry my Blackberry in my pocket and it’s stood up to a lot of wear and tear.
  • What the device doesn’t have: 3G, slot for expandable memory, Wifi syncing, ability to swap batteries etc.
  • No support for native Exchange or Office, which will limit its market for those of us who need this for business – not that this is Apple’s target market.

Paul Kedrosky and Scoble elaborate further, and these are indicative of other comments I’ve seen.

No doubt we’ll ignore these weaknesses given the sexy looks and interaction model, plus the increased forgiveness we have for anything carrying the Apple brand, although it cannot be disputed this is a revolutionary device.



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